Friday, 25 March 2011

Using Low Cost Business Videos to Create a Merchant Website

Low Cost Business Videos has considerable expertise in using the UK's most popular web design and hosting package Ekmpowershop to design,build and run one of the Uk's most successful merchant sites selling authentic fair-trade Buddha wall art and statues for the home and garden. We made some mistakes along the way and in the 18 months we have spent building the site to the successful shop that it is today we have learnt numerous lessons and valuable short cuts. So if you are ready to open a shop on the Web and need an affordable helping hand to get you started then Low Cost Business Videos is the place to come. Don't make the mistakes and delays we made call or email us today for more details. (I wish we had had us when we started out!).
Low Cost Business Videos Ekmpowershop support details.

Vavi Thai Spa's Soho Low Cost Website

To accompany the Low Cost Business Video for Vavi Thai Spa I mentioned in the previous blog the owner also commissioned an accompanying low cost website. To complement the funky contemporary feeling of the spa I have gone for a more contemporary feel to the website and used a photo decorative background and a bespoke banner. Again the overarching message which is profiled on the home page is Affordable Pure Total Indulgence. Alongside the website I have also installed Google Webmaster Central and Google Analytics which enables me to monitor the number of visitors to the site and how the Google crawler views the site on the web in terms of links and keywords. By monitoring these I can feed back to clients and tailor a bespoke Search Engine Optimisation campaign should they require it.

Vavi Thai Spa , Rupert Street , Soho

Low Cost Business Videos Latest Customer - Vavi Thai Spa Soho

Low Cost Business Videos is very proud to present its latest video for the customer Vavi Thai Spa, Rupert St , Soho. I had previously done work for the owner of  No 9 Thai Spa, Brewer Street and he was so pleased with the results he commissioned me to make one for his sister establishment which lies just around the corner.

This time I decided to make it shorter – it’s just over 3 minutes, include a few key messages but overall make it sympathetic to the overarching key message of total, pure but affordable indulgence. This will sit at the top of the home page for the website I have begun constructing and together will prove powerful business tool to attract customers, get high ranking in targeted local search and get customers and sales to the business.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ezine Articles - Low Cost Business Video's First Accepted Articles

Ezine articles which I have mentioned in a previous blog is the web’s premier article submission site and a source of ‘link juice’ for website search optimization. Low Cost Business Videos is very proud to announce our first two articles submitted have just been approved. I hope readers of the articles and anybody finding them via the blog will find them useful. It was certainly useful for me as by doing the research I learnt myself the lessons contained within and have incorporated this good business practice into the work I do in producing Low Cost Business Videos.

How Ezine Articles can help increase your website's profile and drive customers to your site

Ezine articles is the internet’s best source of information on a myriad of topics and a great tool for the internet marketer to get their website and ideas across and aid the page ranking of their site through high value linking. The requirement is to write unique informative articles on the subject appropriate to your website theme and publish them on the Ezine articles site. This is free and if they are approved will quickly gain high Google ranking for the keywords contained in the article and by so doing the valuable link on the author profile will begin to garner Google link ‘juice’ for your website and assist in its search engine optimisation. Low Cost Business Videos can help write article and suggest an affordable Search Engine Optimisation campaign to get your website high Google organic listings and by so doing drive customers to your site and garner sales. 

Why the number one spot on Google gets the customers and why you need to get there too !

The above heat chart show why it is so important to get the top spot on Google organic search listing (or pay Google for a pay per click or Adsense campaign!). A staggering nearly 60% of all clicks go to the coveted number one spot with a massive drop down for the following rankings. So search engine optimisation to help you get the top spot is essential if you are to use Google organic search to help power your online website and drive customers to your site and generate sales. Low Cost Business Videos can help you through a well designed website, an accompanying short professionally produced video and an affordable effective targeted local campaign to win this top spot, stay there and so energise your business.