Sunday, 27 February 2011

First Impressions Count – the Importance of Online Video for Your Business

We all know first impressions count and that we begin to make a judgement within 5 seconds of seeing somebody or something. Our later thoughts often go down the road of confirming what we had initially thought.

And that’s the key reason why a short,impressive and powerful video can make the difference between a customer identifying your opportunity (and hopefully purchasing) and walking on by. That’s also the reason that upstairs restaurants or shops that aren't on the ground level of a mall have much more difficulty of attracting the footfall of a prime location.

And that’s what a short Low Cost Business Video can do – in the crowded world that is internet search YOU NEED TO BE ON THE FIRST PAGE – there are myriad web pages remaining untouched and unobserved with the virtual tumbleweed blowing through their cherished pages by their owners because they didn’t know it wasn’t just enough to have a website.

At Low Cost Business Videos we can get you started with prices starting at just £99.

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