Saturday, 26 February 2011

Localism and the Power of Online Video to Increase Your Sales

In previous blogs I’ve written about the importance of videos to search engines to get a high ranking for your online website and 'bricks and mortar' business.

But what if you don’t have a website – how can a video help to get the right sort of customers (ones who spend money through your door and onto your bottom line). 

The customers that everybody is after.

That’s where the power of local search comes into its own and the online Low Cost Business video can be a vital tool for increasing your profitability.

When a customer uses the search engine - often it will be as a local directory – to get the number of a restaurant, or to see where they can get their watch fixed, that kind of thing.

It is very difficult or nigh on impossible for the small business owner to get their shop, product or service to feature highly on the page rank of Google or other search engines without paying handsomely and by working persistently over a long period of time (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO) or by paying Google for Pay-Per-Click 'PPC' ).

So if I was to search for sofas for sale the big retailers such as Sofa World would dominate the search. But if however I was to qualify the search by including a location then it would narrow down the results dramatically so Sofa Shop Camberwell or Leather Sofas East Dulwich who have a good chance of appearing on the first page and the customer selecting the item to evaluate further. Now without a flashy website it may just be a simple online directory listing and the user has no way of identifying WHY they should bother going to your shop.

However with a well designed, short and informative video – on the first page of the Google search results - you will have a high chance potential customers will click through and then you have the opportunity to showcase your business, your staff , your products and the key reasons why the customer should CHOOSE YOU over the competition. 

The high price of such video productions in the past would have meant you felt you couldn't afford having such a presence but now with prices starting from just £99 they can click through, watch your video and you will have got into the key place that all marketing tries so hard to reach – the customer’s mindset. This is ever so important for businesses that have a 'user anxiety threshold' to overcome before enter your shop.

These can include beauty salons, spas and hairdressers - businesses that have an personal service offering.

My very first product offering was for Singhara Health and Beauty and within hours of the video going live the owner happily reported an immediate and now sustained footfall into her business.

There's never been a better time to seize the opportunity to get your business noticed with an online video at such an attractive price. 

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