Saturday, 19 February 2011

Low Cost Business Videos

A Low Cost Tried and Tested Web Presence for your Business

Are you a market trader,gift shop owner, jeweller or restauranteur or any small business owner who would like to have an online presence and a site which can showcase your business, services and products AND MAKE YOU MORE MONEY?

Would you like a professionally made video which WILL;  

present your company online in the best possible way
helps you stand out in a crowded market
keeps your target customers longer on your site
Increases your presence to search engines particularly Google
Professionally promotes your business to Facebook, YouTube and other high rated web directories.

Why are my costs so low – well I work from home and am retired and just love making videos using the £250 pound state of the art video authoring software Photodex Producer.

Then Low Cost Business Videos is the ideal solution for you. With prices ranges for every pocket and starting at just £99 it has never been easier to get online and give your business the impact it deserves. This is a local solution and our experience will mean when somebody’s ‘googles’ your product and area then the sites will appear high in Google search ranking which  means more visitors to your shop .

E.g. Our service will mean if a customer googles Flower Shop, Woolwich then our sites will feature high on the page which means more customers on the phone to you through the door.

The £99 low cost business starter pack

What You Get

v     A dedicated You Tube channel along with a professionally made video to showcase your business up to 5 minutes in length.

v     A Google Blogger blog site and entry which can provide a lengthy description of your business. Contact details and products.

v     A Picasa web album complete with all the photos used in making your video alongside links to your video and blog site. 

v     A Google Gmail account which links together all these products.

£149 Mid range

v     All the products from the £99 starter pack plus the addition of a twitter channel that will allow you to regularly microblog news about your business.

v     4 more blog entries

v     1 30 second Video commercial with key selling messages for your business

£199 VIP package

v     All of the above

v     Plus free registration to high rated web directories such as Hotfrog,Yell which again increases traffic to your site and business.

v     These prices are all a one off payment which gets you up and running and visible on the web and there are no further charges. Please note Low Cost Business Videos will retain ownership and access to these sites. If you would like ownership and a half day dedicated one-to-one training at your home and business then sign up £299 Platinum account – this also includes one month phone support so you can create your own blogs,twitter feeds ,videos and web pictures. (Note this is only available in the London Underground Zones). Other arrangements can be made by prior agreement.

So what are you waiting for email me on ;


or ring me on 07540 233807

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