Sunday, 20 February 2011

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the importance of Videos

As a business owner you may have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This is a process of creating regular web content such as blogs,blog comments,forums,videos and links to your site. Google (and the other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing) regularly crawl the web looking for sites and then indexing them. So that when a user types in keywords into the Search Engine box it can return relevant and meaningful results. 

If for instance you are looking for a flower shop in East Dulwich then it wouldn't be much use if you got back an Indian restaurant in Camberwell. It does this by analyzing the site to determine its keywords and content and the links back to site. 

It grades the links back to your site by determining how important they are through a complicated and secret process which is rumoured to do over 800 different calculations ! For instance a link from the BBC website is much more significant than a link put in a comment on a local forum and so scores more highly - Google adds up all these 'scores' to give your site a ranking. 

And what Google particularly likes is user generated content which is regularly updated  - especially videos and particularly ones that are hosted on You Tube which Google now owns. That's why having relevant and interesting videos about your business or services can be vital to get that all important profile - particularly when looking at increasing your local customers. 

It can be very difficult without a lot of time or money to get high rankings for Jewellery Shop UK as there are many hundreds of shops - some spending many thousands on their web sites and support - however when it comes to a local search then a little effort through say an appropriately 'tagged'  video and membership of local sites or forums can pay huge dividends. 

At Low Cost Business Videos we can get you started and noticed and through a series of affordable support packages either done by yourself or by us at low low prices you can generate the traffic to your site and shop that you need to thrive and prosper. 

And as you know the more people that come through your door then the more profits you are likely to make. 

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