Monday, 21 February 2011

Using music for your Business videos

The use of background music on your Low Cost Business Video can provide a powerful undercurrent to the key selling messages contained within however you should take care that it doesn’t dominate the narrative and so obscuring the key business messages you want to make.

For this reason I strongly recommend using low-key instrumental music rather than a high powered anthem. Simply the Best by Tina Turner will just served to highlight you’re not and possibly remind viewers of David Brent !

Copyright and You Tube

The issue of copyright is a thorny issue and where possible I would recommend the use of non-copyright music to prevent any potential issues once your video goes live. Low Cost Business Videos have a number of tracks which we can use which should prove powerful accompaniments and underpin your business messages. 

If however you think must use particular music to which you don’t own the copyright then we can still go ahead and use it. Once the video has been uploaded You Tube will identify the ownership and in this instance will flag up that the owner has asserted copyright. Often no action is necessary and as result You Tube will include the music track for download from the ITunes store and/or include relevant ads next to the video so revenue can be generated for Google (You Tube’s owner) and the copyright holder.

In this instance your video can continue to be played without any further action. In some cases the copyright holder might not permit this use and so the audio track will be disabled. In the unlikely event of this happening Low Cost Business videos will promptly replace the track with a non-copyright piece meaning your customers can continue to see and hear your business messages. 

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  1. Using music for your business videos is a good idea, as that will certainly help in improving your retention among your viewers. But you should be cautious. You don't want your product to look unreliable, just because you made the wrong choice of music.

    [Rose Ector]