Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Best Ever Downfall Parodies

In our series of the Best Ever You Tube videos we have a number of categories but the prize for the most bizarre and weirdest must surely go to the Best Ever Downfall Parodies. Downfall was a 2004 Academy award nominated German language film which chronicles the last days of Hitler in the Bunker - before he eventually commits suicide realising the war is totally lost. The part of Hitler was brilliantly portrayed by the actor Bruno Ganz. It is a moving and compelling film and has been criticized by some for showing the human side of Hitler who like a rat in a hole realises the end has nearly arrived for him and his twisted vision for humanity.

Using the artifice that non-German speakers will not understand the dialogue - clips can be reedited with new subtitles so that Hitler can seemingly be seen to ranting about any possible event be it from the use of Furzuvelas at the World Cup to Gordon Brown losing the election. 

This internet meme has morphed and grown into many variants with some interspersing other clips such as some of You Tubes best funny accidents which then becomes the Hitler and the Pencil of Doom series. Whilst the film company originally was unhappy with the use of their material they have untimatley relented under the huge weight of interest.

I have to say I particualy enjoy this You Tube sub genre and have never laughed as much as I have at some of the best of the breed. Hitler has never been this funny - though to be sure we are laughing at him not with him !

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