Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Best Ever You Tube Movie Trailer Remixes - Our You Tube 101 Project

Over at Low Cost Business Videos main website our Best Ever of You Tube grows ever wider. Today I'm blogging and adding to the Best Ever Movie Trailers - Recut. In this mash-up genre it is necessary to parody the Hollywood movie trailer by recutting the trailer by selecting appropriate scenes and choosing the mood music to appear to make a trailer for a film different from the one that was actually made. One of the most popular is Mary Poppins Recut as a Horror Movie - here by music and careful selection of darker scenes it becomes a trailer for a very scary and seemingly real horror movie. A great You Tube sub genre and one of my favourites. 

Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did finding them - now I need to get over to You Tube to find some more gems. 

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