Tuesday, 8 March 2011

If a Picture's worth a Thousand Words then a Movie's worth a Million !

If a picture’s worth a thousand words (or a Van Gogh many millions of pounds) then maybe a movie’s worth a million words – well not quite. But hopefully you get the point and you enjoyed the ending to Brief Encounter - who doesn’t!

If you did watch it then you will have found yourself being drawn in by the title and the embedded video – how long did that take to me to do – just minutes and now you’re now reading my message. Which was the point – video works – that’s why I used it and why you should be using it as well if you want to engage your potential customers with your sales prospect.

So finally I hope you will watch the brief video below and realise that having a short, professional, informative video on your website is the most effective and affordable way to engage with customers and increase your profitability.  

Now where’s the hankies …

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