Thursday, 10 March 2011

Let's Get Into Embed Together - Why You Need to and the How of Embedding Video in Your Website

You Tube offers the ability to embed the code for your video so as to display it outside of the You Tube channel - in fact if used intelligently then often more viewers can arise from outside of You Tube than within it.

Fortunately this is very easy to do and requires minimal understanding of HTML coding. Underneath the video are a number of share options - click on the button marked Embed. Some html code will then open up in a new box - there are a number of other check boxes which I mostly ignore though I certainly wouldn't include related videos. Related videos create a scrolling icon after the video has finished playing with other video options. If you are embedding the video on your site as a business aid you certainly don't want to distract customers with other offerings.

Does Size Matter ?

The size option is down to how large and at what definition you would like to be the default to play. I wouldn't worry too much about this as the user can change definitions once the video is playing if they so wish. I would choose a mode that allows the video to play easily and without to much buffering problems. At peak times the sheer volume of requests can slow down the You Tube servers which give priority to paid content - so 360p is a good compromise on quality and speed and is the default if you make no choice.

Now copy the code into your website in the html box. Save and re-publish and voila the video is now displayed on the page. Don't forget to accompany the video with relevant key-word rich text which helps to add to the video and ensure your title is also compelling and relevant.

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