Sunday, 6 March 2011

Why visitors stay longer on your website with an online video

The "bounce rate" of your online web site (Google analytics measures this as a key statistic for visitors to your site) enables you to measure the percentage of website visitors that don’t proceed beyond your home page, i.e. they get bored or find the site is not for them and they leave – quickly.

So checking this statistic is key to determining how effective your website is in getting visitors to convert to customers. The rule of thumb is if you have a bounce rate figure of more then 50% then there is something wrong either with your site – it isn’t compelling enough to keep visitors interested who got their through search. Or alternatively it will be the instinctive look and feel of your home page – that they had a bad feeling and got a bit bored so they left.

It could be dull land old fashioned - lots of text and pictures and nothing to grab their attention. That’s why a short, informative and compelling video on your home page can prove such an effective tool to get them to dig further into your site and convert them to paying customers.

If you get a better bounce rate for your site then Google will see your site as more relevant and thus improve your ratings and enable you to rank higher in the search results which means more customers, more sales and ultimately more profits – which his why you started out in business in the first place – isn’t it !

So what are you waiting for – if you haven’t a video for your business then something’s missing and with prices starting at just £99 there’s never been a better time to start.

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