Saturday, 19 March 2011

Best Ever You Tube Videos - Just Reached 50 in our list !

As the say on the TV quiz  Mastermind "I've started so I'll finish!". This morning I embarked on an ambitious project to collect some of the best ever videos from You Tube and create an area of Low Cost Business Videos where we can celebrate the best, worst , funniest , most dramatic - you name it moments captured on the world's greatest video sharing site You Tube. Well I'm just about to finish for the night and have got to my first 50 - and what a 50 they are -  ranging in scope from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to a real 1950s Flintstone's cigarette commercial. Rest assured over at Low Cost Business Videos we will pull out all the stops to get to a quality 100 in just a little time more. Now time to go to bed. 

                         Hope you enjoy !

                                   Low Cost Business Videos 

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