Saturday, 5 March 2011

Top 10 Tips for making YouTube Videos work for your business

Google Instant the auto complete function that appears by the search bar has increased clicks to videos in search by nearly 30%.   It has also been reported that, search engine users were up to 50% more select videos to click on than text-based search results.

But aside from making great movies, there are some easy steps you can take to help make sure your small business marketing videos are easily found

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Videos Stand Out

1. Have a call to action at the end of your video

This could be – access your product or service promotion? Go to your website? Phone you? Whatever it is, don’t forget to tell them!

2. Make short, HD, widescreen videos

To put your best face forward, post high-definition videos in widescreen format. YouTube has a page explaining the best formatting options for video uploads.Also, make your movies 2 minutes or less in length. People tend to get bored if they longer than that, unless they're extremely good!

3. Find the right keywords for videos by typing them into YouTube's search box. This will show you what are the most popular searches and you should aim to hit these as well.

4. Test your keyword phrases by searching with them on YouTube.
By doing this you can analyse the competition and see what you are up against.

5. Put the most important keyword phrase in your title, description and tags
Put it at the beginning and make sure you use the entire space for your description, and make it as interesting as you can.  You goal is to get viewers to choose yours over the rest. And keep titles to no more than 65 characters, if you can - longer titles get cut back in search results.

YouTube video description can have up to 5,000 characters but only the first 140 characters are displayed in YouTube search results.  So the important keywords should be there. And try and use as much as the 5000 characters as you can without being districting or repetitious.

6. Look at analytics of similar videos as yours
This can include a graph over time and demographics.
Of course, you should also monitor your own video's analytics using You Tube’s Insight.

7. Make sure you add captions to all of your videos

8. Relate your videos to each other
By using the video response option – try and see if your video can be a response to the highest rated video for the search.

9. Share your video soon as it's posted
This can include sharing on Facebook and embedding in a blog or website.

10. Make sure you’ve got a branded YouTube channel
This makes your offering seem professional and allows you to use backgrounds and images to add to the gravitas of the video.

11. Make sure you add relevant links in your descriptions – particularly to your website or blog – Google gives you 'link juice' from this and will add to the page ranking for your website. 

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