Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Low Cost Business Videos – 4 Key Reasons Why They Work & You Need One Too !

Video has some key advantages over traditional images and text these are;

  1. Real life living imagery as we all experience it – in 3 dimensions and living true colour!
  2. Dynamic content which directly engages with the viewer.
  3. The creation of a compelling mood or theme with the use of music and images.
  4. That old –fashioned term - "multi-media" -  the combination of music, speech, photos and moving images to create a compelling product and narrative.
If your video is engaging, informative and short then research shows that viewers tend to watch it to completion which stands in stark contrast to the possible engagement of a visit to your website where text and images will be quickly scanned at best. It is for this obvious reason that video has the power to directly engage and communicate more powerfully than any other means on the web –and why if you don’t have one on your website then you are missing a key element in your online marketing.

Here are some more vital statistics;

Three quarters of visitors to a website stay on average less than half a minute.
40% of viewers who begin watching a video watch it to the end
•           75% of visitors to a website stay less than 30 seconds.

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